Miss Universe Turkey 2015 - Melisa Uzun


Melisa Uzun

  • Age: 24

    Hometown: Ankara

  • Height: 5’ 7”

    Birthday: November 11

Melisa Asli Uzun was born in Ankara into a German and Turkish family. She started taking ballet lessons at the age of three. At the age of nine, she began studying music at Bilkent University. Here, she learned to play the piano and deepened her love for the arts beyond dance. She studied gymnastics at TAB Sanat, a renowned dance school in Turkey. She then entered the world of jazz dance and participated in school musicals such as Dirty Dancing. Melisa's dance career really kicked off when she joined the Fire of Anatolia Dance Company in 2011. In a juicy mixture of ballet, modern and mostly folk dance, she toured all over Turkey, Mexico, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2012, she completed an internship at the EU department of the Turkish parliament. This experience inspired her to pursue an education in law. In 2014, she started studying law at the University of Cologne with a scholarship. Melissa is a motivated, high spirited and reflective woman.