Miss Universe Montenegro 2015 - Maja Čukić


Maja Čukić

  • Age: 24

    Hometown: Podgorica

  • Height: 6’

    Birthday: May 27

Maja Čukić is 20 years old and is from Montenegro. She is currently in her second year at the College of Tourism in Podgorica. Maja would like the opportunity to improve tourism in Montenegro through her career and ambitions. She describes herself as a very simple person, and says that she feels the best while spending quality time with her family and friends. To Maja, being simple does not mean she is not ambitious. She has worked as a model for the past six years in America and Italy. Maja loves horses. She spends the majority of her spare time riding horses and working out. Maja is not a fan of politics and believes she will be more interested once she has power to change things.