Miss Universe Cayman Islands 2015 - Tonie Chisholm

Cayman Islands

Tonie Chisholm

  • Age: 31

    Hometown: Grand Cayman

  • Height: 5’ 7”

    Birthday: April 23

Tonie Chisholm has had a passion for film from a very young age. As a teenager, she volunteered with the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism. Tonie knew this was an amazing opportunity and was able to work as a production assistant with companies such as BET, FOX and Chowder Inc. This experience ultimately resulted in her decision to make a career in film. Upon graduating high school, Tonie was accepted to Plymouth College of Art in the U.K., where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Film and specialized in production. She remained in London to work for a year. When Tonie returned to the Cayman Islands, she assisted with the launch of Flipside Productions, which is still in operation today in Grand Cayman. After working in the financial services industry, she applied for the Miss Cayman Islands Pageant. Tonie now works as a marketing assistant for the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism and is a freelance script supervisor.