Miss Universe Australia 2015 - Monika Radulovic


Monika Radulovic

  • Age: 29

    Hometown: Sydney

  • Height: 5’ 9”

    Birthday: September 20

Monika Radulovic graduated from university with an Honors Degree in Psychology. She hopes to utilize her passion and skills to assist children and adolescents grow into healthy, happy and confident adults. Monika was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina on Sept. 20 1990, however she fled the country with her parents at the age of 2 when the Yugoslav Wars erupted. When Monika was 4 years old, her family migrated to Australia after living as refugees in Denmark for a year. In addition to her academic achievements, Monika is a successful model. She headlined in national campaigns, which enabled her to travel the world and live independently from a young age. Monika is an animal lover and admits to having an obsession with coconut oil, which she uses in everything from her cooking to her hair conditioner! She is known for her contagious positive energy and vivacious personality. Many people are inspired by Monika’s passion, kindness and drive for everything she puts her mind to.