Miss Universe Aruba 2015 - Alysha Boekhoudt


Alysha Boekhoudt

  • Age: 25

    Hometown: Paradera

  • Height:

    Birthday: September 19

Alysha Boekhoudt was born and raised in Ayo, Aruba and had the privilege to grow up around nature and animals. Playing with snakes, iguanas and walking around the bushes and cactuses is a significant part of Alysha’s childhood. Since the age of 4, Alysha has been dancing in her mother’s dance group, Kids and Youth in Action. Today, Alysha is the leader of the dance group. She has always valued Aruba’ s culture and has been honored to represent Aruba’s Culture internationally through dance.

Alysha graduated from high school, and is currently focusing on her duties and responsibilities as Miss Universe Aruba. One of Alysha’s dreams has always been to build her own animal shelter. Alysha enjoys every journey in her life and is very enthusiastic about taking on new adventures. She believes that communication and negotiation skills are very valuable instruments that help produce change in the world.