Miss Universe Slovak Republic 2018 - Barbora Hanova

Slovak Republic

Barbora Hanova

  • Age: 25

    Hometown: Lu_enec

  • Height: 5'6"

    Birthday: January 05

Barbora Hanova has a very international background. Being born in Slovakia, she has lived abroad since the young age of 8. Her first big move was to Windsor in England and since then, she has lived in countries such as Germany, France, Italy and currently resides in Basel, Switzerland. She is very thankful to experience life in so many different countries as she believes this helped her to become the well-rounded and open-minded person she is today. She considers both English and Slovak as her mother-tongues and also speaks fluently in German and French. She has always been a very creative individual and focused on graphic design and art direction in both her bachelor and master studies. One day, she hopes to open her own creative business, through which she can share her imagination and creativity with others.

It is very important to her to maintain a healthy mind, body and soul. In her free time, she gains her energy and positivity from a variety of sports, including kickboxing, running, interval training but also takes time to meditate everyday. She is a big supporter of animal rights and believes that animals too deserve to have a good & happy life. She wants to fight the maltreatment of animals in today's mass production of meat and animal-based products. Not only is she grateful for the opportunity to represent her home country in Miss Universe 2018 competition but she also want to be a good role model for other women and girls; showing that beauty is not solely physical but that true beauty is shown through the inside, in the form of kindness, compassion, strong life values, positivity and happiness.