Miss Universe Singapore 2018 - Zahra Khanum


Zahra Khanum

  • Age: 24


  • Height: 5'4"

    Birthday: February 16

Zahra Khanum holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree with Merit in Sociology from the National University of Singapore and dreams of becoming a teacher in the time to come. Besides Sociology, Zahra is passionate about the Arts and graduated with an IB Diploma from School of the Arts Singapore and was recently involved in a self produced theatre production called Ayesha. Zahra has participated in pageantry to be an advocate for disadvantaged families especially women and children. She hopes to use her platform to make a larger postive impact in society. Zahra is currently working with Daughters of Tomorrow, an organization that empowers underprivileged women and their families, and she hopes to use her Arts expertise to create a programme for the children. Zahra is excited to represent her country and to make Singapore proud at this yearÕs Miss Universe competition.