Miss Universe Georgia 2018 - Lara Yan


Lara Yan

  • Age: 26

    Hometown: Telavi

  • Height: 5'10"

    Birthday: January 01

Larisa Yan, born in Georgia, has been a traveller her whole life. She would best describe herself as an open-minded and purposeful person. Larisa has been involved in many pageants and currently holds 9 titles. Larisa has an interest in sports, specifically boxing and gymnastics. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking and restoring clothes. For work, Larisa is a singer and model, as well as a makeup artist. Larisa wishes to have enough possibility to help every homeless child and senior in her home country of Georgia. She believes that winning the Miss Universe crown will provide her with the appropriate platform to help others and become a philanthropist in her community.