Miss Universe Uruguay 2018 - Sofía Abigaíl Marrero Moreira


Sofía Abigaíl Marrero Moreira

  • Age: 18

    Hometown: Canelones

  • Height:

    Birthday: July 23

Sofía Abigaíl Marrero has always been interest in fashion; hence, she has participated in many fashion modelling events. Sofía has never given up her dreams, her perseverance and dedication helped her to be awarded as 'Miss Universe Uruguay 2018'. Sofía considers that winning or placing in this year's Miss Universe competition would be an amazing experience. Her country has never been awarded this prize, nor has it classified to the Top 15 positions for more than 20 years. Sofía Marrero really loves her country and will be delighted to give Uruguay this prize.