Miss Universe Netherlands 2018 - Rahima Dirkse


Rahima Dirkse

  • Age: 25

    Hometown: Rotterdam

  • Height: 5'11"

    Birthday: August 11

Rahima Dirkse was born on August 11, 1993 in Rotterdam, Netherlands and currently lives in the city. She has a Dutch father who was born and raised in Rotterdam and a Brazilian mother, born and raised in Salvador, Bahia. Her parents met in Brazil and decided to start their family in the Netherlands. In high school Rahima found her passion for writing poetry and music. After practicing piano since the age of 3, she later began singing and playing the harp. In high school, Rahima was a shy girl who had trouble speaking in social situations. After graduating high school, Rahima went on to study bio pharmaceutical science at her university. With both of her parents working in the medical field, she found herself being pulled to pursue a career in that field as well. Besides studying, Rahima also started working for KWF going door to door to raise awareness for cancer studies. This is where she started to become more confident with who she was and started speaking up. After being discovered on the street, Rahima started working as a model, hostess and presenter. One night, she was working at a speak easy in Amsterdam where she happened to be discovered by a family member of the Miss Universe Netherlands organization who advised her on participating. Now she combines working as a Miss with her charity work for Dance 4 Life. As an ambassador, she talks to young boys and girls about speaking up about what they want and talking to people about their insecurities in hopes to strengthen their confidence. In the future, Rahima hopes to be a role model for people who struggle with self-confidence. She also would like to continue her work in charity and as a model. But for the near future, Rahima hopes to make her friends, family and country proud while she represents the Netherlands at this year's competition.