Miss Universe Panama 2018 - Rosa Iveth Montezuma


Rosa Iveth Montezuma

  • Age: 25

    Hometown: Alto Caballero, Comarca NgSbe BuglZ

  • Height: 5'7"

    Birthday: May 16

Rosa Iveth Montezuma had been studying Science and Food Technology and Educational Computing for 6 years when she became the first indigenous woman to win her country's top beauty title. Since then, she has participated in various conferences in the United Nations and the Organization of American States, defending the rights of the indigenous people. She enjoys volunteering at 'Campamento de ni'os Regi'n Muna' (Muna Region Children's Camp) where she promotes values, culture and principles. Rosa Iveth hopes to win the Miss Universe crown and use her voice to advocate a message of inclusion and respect for the diversity of our planet's population.