Miss Universe Nicaragua 2018 - Adriana Paniagua


Adriana Paniagua

  • Age: 23

    Hometown: Chinandega

  • Height: 5'7"

    Birthday: November 24

Adriana Paniagua has been an honor roll student throughout her whole academic life, from middle school to high school. She continued her academic excellence through college as a magna cum laude in Global Management. After pursuing her university degree, she became a young business entrepreneur opening her own store in 2017. Adriana has always enjoyed volunteering at many charitable organizations among them 'Operation Smile' in her native Nicaragua where for the past seven years she has been an ambassador and spokesperson for this organization. At the age of 15, Adriana won her first beauty pageant and the first ever 'Miss Teen' crown in the country. Since then, she became a social media influencer. Paniagua is fond of traveling the world and experiencing different cultures. She currently speaks three languages (Spanish, English and Italian). If Adriana wins the title of Miss Universe, she'll continue to use her voice to speak out against human rights violations and freedom of speech.