Miss Universe Lebanon 2018 - Maya Reaidy


Maya Reaidy

  • Age: 23

    Hometown: Tannourine

  • Height: 5'8"

    Birthday: November 14

Maya Reaidy is a fifth year pharmacy student in the Lebanese American University, and has completed 2 years of psychology prior. She speaks four languages fluently - English, Arabic, French, and Russian. Maya enjoys reading psychology and Ayurveda lifestyle, and is a very active person who enjoys all kinds of sports especially yoga. One of her passions is traveling and meeting new people through volunteer work. She embraces travel that allows her to speak in different languages as it helps her understand ethnicities and cultures better. If she takes home the crown, Maya would use her title as a real sustainable movement for the women in the Middle East as well as bring awareness to the special needs population. This change would tackle issues from serious topics regarding sexual harassment to more simple problems such as bringing awareness to basic laws women should be aware.