Miss Universe Hungary 2018 - Enikő Kecskés


Enikő Kecskés

  • Age: 21

    Hometown: Budapest

  • Height:

    Birthday: June 01

Enikő Kecskés has always considered her education as one her top priorities. However despite remaining focused on her studies, this never deterred her from taking on new challenges. She's currently majoring in finance and accounting, and also works as a sales manager. In her free time, she loves to enrich her mind and body by engaging in exciting experiences such as traveling, snowboarding and Thai boxing. Enikő also joined a Hungarian non-profit initiative called the 'Amigos' that seeks to enrich the lives of children suffering from chronic diseases by teaching them new languages. Enikő has a very strong passion for animals and believes they are not mere objects but living beings that we should be responsible for. She has adopted several animals herself including rabbits and other stray animals that were in need of care and attention. Enikő is looking forward to making her country proud at this year's Miss Universe competition.