Miss Universe Guam 2018 - Athena Su McNinch


Athena Su McNinch

  • Age: 21

    Hometown: Mangilao

  • Height: 5'7"

    Birthday: December 28

Athena Eva Su McNinch recently graduated with two degrees from the University of Guam with honors and is currently a graduate student at the University of Guam. She is a member of three academic honors societies: Alpha Phi Sigma, Blue Key and Golden Key. She was named a US Truman scholar in 2017 and US Congressional Award Gold Medalist in 2018. As a child born and raised in Guam, Athena has explored her Chinese and Polynesian roots in the region and she loves the food and culture of Guam. She has volunteered actively with the Guam American Cancer Society and loves to mentor young people. She is also proud of her Irish, British, and Norwegian heritage. If Athena is named the first Chinese heritage and Guam candidate for Miss Universe, she hopes to share small island values with the rest of the world, or universe rather, to promote peace, tolerance and understanding. Civil rights should be universal rights. We should all have respect for each other.