Miss Universe Barbados 2018 - Meghan Theobalds


Meghan Theobalds

  • Age: 27

    Hometown: Christ Church

  • Height: 6'1"

    Birthday: November 13

Meghan Theobalds is a true citizen of the world having been born and raised in Barbados, but also having lived in Canada and France in her young 26 years. She obtained her Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies with a Specialization in Consumer Behaviour and Major in French. Meghan is the daughter of a mother who battled breast cancer not once, but twice and has learned a lot about dealing with adversity with strength and grace. She is passionate about gender equality and aims to use her voice and passion to climb the corporate ladder beyond the glass ceiling so that she can help other women also ascend to claim their own seat at the table. If awarded the crown, she will use this platform to continue her work globally with I Am A Girl Barbados, encouraging young women to constantly seek knowledge and to strive for their dreams even in the face of opposition.