Miss Universe Argentina 2018 - Agustina Belen Pivowarchuk


Agustina Belen Pivowarchuk

  • Age: 22

    Hometown: Buenos Aires

  • Height: 5'7"

    Birthday: September 07

Agustina Pivowarchuk kept herself busy the last 4 years through her university studies. After her first year studying Business Administration, Agustina realized that she wanted to pursue her vocation for health and nutrition, therefore, decided to switch majors and study Nutrition. Agustina has always been interested in learning about healthy food and believes many health problems are highly related to eating habits. When she isn't studying, Agustina takes acting classes. Although, with a tight school schedule she is unable to pursue her childhood passion in dance. Agustina hopes to make her country proud at this year's Miss Universe competition.