Miss Universe South Africa 2018 - Tamaryn Green

South Africa

Tamaryn Green

  • Age: 24

    Hometown: Paarl, Cape Town

  • Height: 5'9"

    Birthday: August 19

Twenty-four-year-old Tamaryn Green, from Paarl in the Western Cape, was crowned Miss Universe South Africa 2018 on Sunday, May 27. At the time of winning the title, she was a sixth and final year medical student at the University of Cape Town with her sights set on specializing in pediatrics once she qualifies. She has always been passionate about making a positive and progressive difference in the lives of others. She grew up being exposed to two very different worlds: the fortunate and less fortunate. Tamaryn wants to assist in bringing those two worlds together. Actions speak louder than words; she wants to be a voice to those who cannot be heard, a servant and role model to South Africans and to the people of the world at large. In August 2018, Tamaryn launched her #breakthestigma campaign where she announced she will be focusing on tuberculosis as her official year of reign campaign. Tamaryn herself also spoke publicly for the first time about her own battle with TB in 2015. The campaign focuses on eradicating TB by 2030. Tamaryn is athletic and loves hiking and swimming as she believes exercise helps with both physical and mental health. Her favourite quote is from Mahatma Gandhi: 'Be the change you want to see in the world.'