Miss Universe Paraguay 2018 - Maria Belen Alderete Gayoso


Marea Bel_n Alderete Gayoso

  • Age: 24

    Hometown: Asuncian

  • Height: 5'7"

    Birthday: June 14

Mar'a BelZn is a young, simple, humble woman with a good heart. She has gone through very difficult times in her life as she has suffered bullying and discrimination for not fitting into the standards of a society. Although she lived through these very critical moments, she continued to never stop to believing in herself. In one year, Mar'a BelZn will graduate with a degree in marketing and advertising engineering. In her free time, she is dedicated to helping people with cancer and lupus. Mar'a BelZn considers herself athletic as she practices cycling and swimming. She is passionate about cooking, especially preparing desserts that sweeten life. Mar'a BelZn has worked as a professional model for many years as well as an event organization company. Despite all the criticism and social persecution that she lived, she never lost the hope. Everything that she lived through in the past has helped her to grow to be strong and to continue forward in life. Her motto is, "If we were born without wings, do not do anything to prevent them from growing up."