Miss Universe New Zealand 2018 - Estelle Curd

New Zealand

Estelle Curd

  • Age: 28

    Hometown: Auckland

  • Height: 5'10"

    Birthday: December 11

Estelle Curd holds a Master's Degree in business and currently work as a CRM, HR and H&S Manager of a large national automotive group. She leads a team of 5 and sits on the senior leadership team. Estelle was appointed to her first senior management position at age 23, in a company of 18,000, making her the youngest to ever hold a position of seniority in this multinational steel manufacturing organization. Estelle has been a finalist for three national HR awards and continues to develop programs to improve employment culture. Further to this, Estelle has spoken at an international academic conference and written articles which have been published in national media, based on her master's thesis findings. Estelle has a passion for health and fitness and is an avid runner. If she takes home the crown, she hopes to continue her work on diversity and inclusion on a larger scale, giving those who may never have been given an opportunity before, the chance to succeed in employment.