Miss Universe Japan 2018 - Yuumi Kato


Yuumi Kato

  • Age: 22

    Hometown: Aichi

  • Height: 5'6"

    Birthday: July 10

Yuumi Kato, 22 years old, was born in Japan and raised in Malaysia. Yuumi has a very unique background and had many challenges growing up with an underprivileged background. She was required to stop formal education at the age of 13 and was sent to a remote island in Malaysia to survive on her own. There, she had to forage for food in the jungle and sea. At the age of 14, she struggled to fit into society without any formal education. She had to work to support herself and her family. As a result, she became independent at an early age and was able to stand up to society's prejudices. After experiencing a lot of hardship and having to overcome many fears, she wants to share her story of never giving up in any challenges, big or small, and to have the power to believe in ourselves. With her experience she wants to spread the message that women can empower themselves around the world as well as support children in poverty.