Miss Universe El Salvador 2018 - Marisela De Montecristo

El Salvador

Marisela De Montecristo

  • Age: 26

    Hometown: San Salvador

  • Height: 5'9"

    Birthday: August 25

Marisela De Montecristo is a proud and confident Salvadorian. Marisela had a rough and poor childhood, which led her family to immigrate to the USA to look for greater opportunities. Her mother wanted to provide for her children what she wasn't able to offer them in El Salvador. After leaving her beloved country, she suffered bullying at school for her background, language barrier, and physical appearance. Overcoming bullying made Marisela stronger, compassionate, and confidently beautiful. Now, Marisela is a television host, model, and actress. She is developing her dream career as a TV personality and building her online magazine about health, fitness, beauty, and fashion. Marisela has her own non-profit 'Demontecristo Foundation'. This foundation helps underprivileged families and children with disabilities, as well as provides students with school supplies. Marisela desires to be the next Miss Universe because she wants to continue helping others by giving them opportunities that she didn't have as a child. In addition, she thinks that everyone deserves a good education, a loving family, happiness, toys, and books to find new horizons. She wants to use her voice to empower and inspire the youth, women, and all human beings who have big aspirations.