Miss Universe Belize 2018 - Jenelli Fraser


Jenelli Fraser

  • Age: 27

    Hometown: Belize City

  • Height: 5'7"

    Birthday: July 07

Jenelli Shanice Fraser sees herself as the dictionary definition of a true Creole, a Pataki-full of Mexican, Grenadian, African and British heritage. The spirituality and strength of her mother, coupled with her father's legacy and determination of setting local and international track and field records for Belize, have instilled good moral values into her and made her into a confidently beautiful woman today. Jenelli pursued an undergraduate degree in the Arts, General Studies with a Major in Psychology. She then became a member of the Youth Apprenticeship Program, where she was given the opportunity to work with the Ministry of National Security, as one of the few women volunteer Scenes of Crime personnel, attached to the Belize Police Department. She has acquired a certificate of completion in Clandestine Laboratory and Chemical Diversion Investigators by the U.S. Embassy in Belize and is a member of the International Crime Scene Investigators Association. She then enrolled in the Undergraduate Certificate Program for Criminology at the University of the West Indies. Jenelli's dream is to acquire a graduate degree or higher in Forensic Psychology, and be the first woman of Belize with such title. She has a love for the Creative Arts. Taught by the world-renowned Cuban musician, Carlos Perrote, she learnt several instruments including the piano, the recorder, and her favorite the steel pan, which is a popular Caribbean instrument. That zeal for music led her to become a dancer for several years with the Belize National Dance Company. Jenelli has a drive and passion for community service. She is changing the concept for industry standards of pageant girls, which she feels is her strength and sets her apart from the rest. Having become health conscious, she likes to think of herself as being a role model for other beautiful women and men, no matter size, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.